Reference projects

Water desalination plant e.g. Koh Chang, Koh Si-Chang, Koh PP, Koh Tao, The coastal Navy

Water treatment & Management solution for Petrochemicals, Textile, Tobacco, Foods & Drinks, Power plant, MSW leachate water treatment, Flood water to drinking water etc.

Engineering Consultant & Project Management Consultant job for Lime kiln, Biogas, Power plant, Fertilizer plant, MSW incinerator, Plastic to oil pyrolysis, Waste management & disposal
Consultant job for Cement plants e.g. Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Yemen etc.

Equipment, System and Parts supplied to various plants include material cialis vs viagra handling both mechanical & Pneumatic, piping design & supply, bag filters, Loss of weighing system, water & air system etc.

Design & engineering for part or whole process of cement, lime, steel, aggregate, bulk handling, cooling tower, dedusting system, pneumatic conveying system, WHSG, waste heat recovery for cement & lime, waste recovery and disposal facilities.

Assisting for part or modify to renovate, increasing capacity efficiency or correction of various processes.